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Tech Talents UK is a cross-border platform connecting China and Europe.

In May 2018, Tech Talents UK was founded by Dr. Yuqing Gao.

Tech Talents UK’s goal is to give play to the role of bridge and bond, and promote the technology and business exchanges between China and the UK.


◆ 10 full-time staff.

100% with a bachelor‘s degree and a master’s degree or higher.

Nearly 100 overseas corporate members.

More than 500 elite projects.

Nearly 10,000 correspondent members from well-known overseas universities.

O U R   T E A M
Tech Talents UK chairman
Ph.D. in the field of graphene nanocomposites from the University of London, UK, Bachelor of Polymer Science from South China University of Technology, and Co-founder of Ningbo Yingye Gaicai Technology Co., Ltd. Published three papers in international high-level journals during the course of the Ph.D., and founded Best IN Class trading company in the United Kingdom, achieving sales from zero to ten million yuan in three years. Worked at British Gas, a Fortune 500 company; Fully responsible for the innovation and entrepreneurship activities of the British High-level Talent Entrepreneurship Association, including various competitions and double-stroke activities; in 2019, more than 50 overseas doctors were organized to participate in the 100-Dr. Shenzhen trip More than 200 overseas projects participated in the Shenzhen International Talent Exchange Conference.
Yuqing Gao
Tech Talents UK vice president
Bochao Chen
Angel investor and senior entrepreneurial counseling expert, partner of Haibang Chuangzhi Investment, co-founder and CEO of Haibang Chuangzhi Industry Platform, partner of Carbon Biotechnology China in the UK, general manager of Chuangzhi Huirong Technology Services (Beijing) , Co-founder of Zhuangchuang Technology. He has served as a jury member, judging expert, and entrepreneurial tutor for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. He has participated in the establishment of Runwan Incubator (national level) by the top 500 private enterprises of Huali Group, and has led the counseling work of the industrial-type crowd creation space and new materials innovation and entrepreneurship projects under the listed company Huazheng New Materials (stock code 603186).
Tech Talents UK vice president
Bingan Chen
The first graduate of SZCC, a PhD in carbon nanotechnology from Cambridge University, and a bachelor's and master's degree in materials science and engineering from Imperial College London. Chartered Scientist of the British Science Association, Chartered Engineer of the Institute of Engineers, currently works for Aixtron in Germany as a senior scientist in the field of carbon nanomaterials in the company's Cambridge Department.
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